The kids

So our oldest is the girlie, she will be 9 in a month.  Girlie does super in school.  She is in the gifted and talented program.  We are very proud of her.  She is also on the competitive jazz dance team and a member of the ballet company at the studio she dances at.  Girlie loves American Girl dolls and attends the “club” once a month at Barnes and Noble.  She also just bridged to become a Junior Girl Scout.


Next is the defiant one.  He is 5 and on his way to kindergarten this year.  We are interested to see how he does as he seems to enjoy disagreeing with adults.  This year he started dance like his sister.  He took hiphop class on base.  It took him a couple months to get into it but once he did he was actually pretty good at it.  We all giggled a little when during his recital he ran to the front of the stage to get his shoe tied.


The blond one will be 7 in 2 days.  He has worked very hard this year in school and made a lot of progress.  He has Asperger’s so things are a little bit more difficult for him.  With the help of a great teacher he is all caught up and ready for first grade.  I think we are all excited for him to have new challenges.


And last is the baby.  He is 4 years old.  After a year and a half of behavioral services (with a number of delays thanks to insurance) he is really starting to talk.  He loves to chat with anybody and we have to force him to give up the phone when he is talking to his Grandmas.  He currently has an autism diagnosis.  He also has classic PKU.  Because of his PKU, the baby is on a very specialized diet.  He is not allowed any meat and has mostly special ordered food.  I am sure lots of posts will be about this in the future.



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