About me


I am Valerie.  I have been a behavioral therapist for kids with autism for nearly 6 years.  I love my job but changes are coming.  I married Travis in February 2012 and gained an instant family.  Our oldest, the girlie, will be 9 next month.  The blond one is next and will be 7 on Saturday.  Our defiant child is 5 and the baby is 4.  They spend most of the year with us and we are hoping to make it the entire year they are with us.  Between two autism diagnoses, PKU and a competitive dancer we are a very busy family.  This blog will be about our adventures in life as I become a stay at home mom and take on a couple of kids to babysit.

PS…photo credit to Adrian Raszka photography


3 thoughts on “About me

  1. Howdy! Awesomeness!
    Question though… Why call it ‘EVIL’stepmomma? You are the best thing since sliced bread to my niece and nephews. Was curious. Will breath easier when they are home with you n Trav. Hugs!

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